Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not So Sure About This One

Back when I was pretty faithful to my Mommy....Football Widow blog, I posted a Lobster Dip recipe that someone gave me at a 4th of July party.  At the party it was amazing!  I'm friend Monica and I would not get up from our seats because we didn't want to leave the dip.  So of course I asked for the recipe before I left.  Now that was 2008.....

Fast forward to NYE 2009.....My neighbors were coming over so I decided to make the dip.  I was so excited about it and bragged on it all day.  Once they arrived I took it out of the oven and we all dug in.  My first bite I thought to myself....Self, this doesn't taste as I remember.  So I took another bite and sure enough it wasn't too tasty.  In the meantime I see Chris, my neighbor, taking a bite and slowly eating it.  I started cracking up laughing b/c I knew what she was thinking.  We both came into agreement that the dip wasn't too good.

I'm thinking that the "1 cup of mayo" isn't correct.  That's my guessing b/c it tasted a little too creamy.  So, until I talk to my friend to get the correct recipe.....DON'T MAKE IT!!!!!  If you already had, you have my apologizes. LOL

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